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virtual worlds for Europe

Our Mission

The purpose of OPENVERSE is to establish European virtual worlds characterised by openness, transparency, inclusivity, ethical and environmental responsibility, and to enhance EU’s technological sovereignty.

& Strategy

The vision of the OPENVERSE project is to create inclusive, open, and ethically responsible European virtual worlds, enhancing the European Unions’s technological sovereignty in the global arena.

Its strategy involves integrating diverse technological expertise, fostering collaborative innovation, and ensuring interoperability, privacy, and security in digital environments.

OPENVERSE aims to lay the foundational framework for these virtual worlds, combining user co-creation with extended reality technologies, addressing legal and ethical challenges, and guiding future policy and industry standards for a globally influential virtual worlds.


  • Inclusivity & Accessibility: To create an open digital ecosystem that’s accessible and equitable.
  • Interoperability & Security: Ensuring seamless integration and secure data management across virtual platforms.
  • Innovation & Collaboration: To nurture a space where creativity and technological advancements flourish through collaborative efforts.


  • OPENVERSE promises a transformative impact on how digital experiences and resources are accessed and distributed.
  • It enhances user control, privacy, and fosters a more ethical digital environment.
  • The initiative aims to be a catalyst for new, user-driven innovations and social engagement.
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1 November 2023

31 October 2026

HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-CNECT(A human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies)



€ 2.000.000,00


Foster innovation, creativity, and social benefits through a collaborative environment

Improve accessibility, control, lower entry barriers, and equitable resource distribution

Ensure interoperability, privacy, security, and data ownership, allowing different virtual worlds to interoperate

The Team

Meet our multisciplinary consortium: a unique alliance of tech companies, academic institutions, and industry associations, united by a common vision to shape the future of the European virtual worlds.

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