Logo of the OpenVerse Ecosystem Task Force

OPENVERSE is creating the OPENVERSE Ecosystem Task Force with the purpose of coordinating activities, communication, outcomes, and roadmaps with other key and strategic initiatives in the field of virtual words. 

The primary concrete objective is the co-creation of a Technological Framework and a Strategic Agenda for the European virtual worlds and their human-centric development.  

The following outcomes are expected from the OETF:  

  • The European Virtual Worlds technical and infrastructure framework and Strategic Agenda.  
  • Joint publications for knowledge sharing and community building.  
  • Co-creation of networking events and webinars.  
  • Definition of industry standards for virtual worlds guaranteeing interoperability, openness, and seamless integration with and between applications, systems, technologies, data and platforms. 

The OETF is a group of organisations and initiatives represented by individuals that will act on behalf of their represented organisations and initiative.  

Every type of organisation and initiative is welcome, as long as their operations are (also) in the European Union and the concepts of human-centricity, openness, transparency, inclusivity, ethical and environmental responsibility are respected. 

The Task Force plans to meet on a regularly basis, approximately every 3 months. Each meeting will focus on a set of precise objectives with the aim of addressing concrete outcomes of the project. 

All members of the OETF are encouraged to take part in the regular meetings and contribute to the concrete objectives towards a mutual gain for both the members and the project. 

Here below, all the affiliations of the OETF participants, who are joined, of course, by representatives from OPENVERSE’s consortium:

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