OPENVERSE, the pioneering European initiative driving the development of human-centric virtual worlds, announces the launch of the OPENVERSE Ecosystem Task Force (OETF) – a collaborative platform where organisations and initiatives across the EU converge to shape open, transparent, and ethical virtual realms aligned with European values.

Launched on 30 April, the OETF brings together a diverse collective of European organizations and initiatives under a shared vision. The aim of the OETF is to create a dynamic and collaborative environment that enables stakeholders from various backgrounds to discuss, share, and develop new ideas and solutions that address the current and future needs of the virtual worlds’ ecosystem. Each member upholds principles of human centricity, openness, transparency, inclusivity, ethical conduct, and environmental stewardship, provided their operations are rooted within the European Union.

“The OETF’s aim is to foster a collaborative and innovative environment where diverse and complementary initiatives can come together to shape the future of virtual worlds. Our goal is not only to synchronise OPENVERSE’s efforts with related initiatives but also to create a unified, impactful movement that advances the field of virtual worlds in a holistic manner and in alignment with other relevant programmes in Europe”, says Ana Garcia, the coordinator of the OETF.

The OETF is open to any project, organisation or to industry experts in virtual and extended reality, to academic researchers, and also policymakers. By collaborating with various initiatives, projects and experts, the OETF also aims to influence and contribute to the development of standards and best practices within the field of virtual worlds. This mission component ensures that the outputs of OPENVERSE are interoperable and adhere to high-quality standards, facilitating their adoption and implementation across Europe and globally.

Interested in participating in this group?  Contact us here: [email protected]

OPENVERSE launches the Ecosystem Task Force for human-centric virtual worlds

OPENVERSE is a three-year Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action. Its partners represent a blend of research institutions, technological enterprises, and innovative organizations from across Europe. Each brings their distinct expertise to this collaborative venture, ensuring its success and influence in shaping the future of the virtual worlds. The Consortium features: The Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal (Belgium) – project coordinator, IDC (Italy), Martel Innovate (Switzerland), Trust-IT (Italy), COMMpla (Italy), Inspiring Futures (Switzerland), Politecnico di Milano – Department of Design (Italy), University of Galway (Ireland), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), XR4Europe (Belgium), International Data Spaces Association (Germany), Data AI and Robotics -BDVA (Belgium).