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OPENVERSE online workshop “Application domains and adoption gaps, priorities to be set”

July 5 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Banner for the OPENVERSE online workshop “Application domains and adoption gaps, priorities to be set”

OPENVERSE‘s consortium is inviting you to participate to the first session of a series of exploratory online workshops. This first edition will cover “Application domains and adoption gaps, priorities to be set” for the current virtual worlds and Web 4.0 deployment. 

Organised by Inspiring Futures and the Big Data Value Association (BVDA), OPENVERSE consortium partners aim to gather input from external experts and stakeholders on how virtual worlds should be developed to be functional, attractive and fulfilling the EU agenda of a human-centric and open digital ecosystem, at the same time. 

This first workshop will be addressing key questions concerning the virtual worlds in the healthcare sector. How may they enhance professional practices and patient interactions? 

  • What are the main areas of applications which currently drive virtual worlds? Have we thought of a more human-centric approach so far? 
  • Have some transactional capacities (NFTs, DAO, Smart contracts, etc) considered a sustainable line?  
  • Why is ‘Meta-Metaverse’ not fitting anymore? What would a CityVerse perspective be?  
  • What is the importance of European open-source platforms?  

Francesco Mureddu, from the Lisbon Council
Pierre Rossel, from Inspiring Futures
Isabella de Magny, from Inspiring Futures
Presentations of the members of the OPENVERSE Ecosystem Taskforce. 

Who should participate? 

  • Makers, customisers and application developers of virtual worlds 
  • Demand-side organisations, from diverse communities of practice today already engaged or wishing to be engaged in virtual worlds application in their own sector of activity (education, health, security, smart cities, environment, industry, consumers’ protection, etc.) 
  • Government agents and policy-makers. 

Future workshops:  

  • OPENVERSE August workshop: educational sector 
  • OPENVERSE October workshop: virtual worlds and governance 
  • OPENVERSE December workshop: The evolution of Man-machine relations in the industry 
  • OPENVERSE 2025 workshops:  The ubiquitous AI boost to virtual worlds, with different scenarios of opportunities and risks to consider. What are EU priorities? Policymaking recommendations for virtual worlds’ challenges. 

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